You’ve built the business that buyers are interested in acquiring by focusing on your customers, your employees and your reputation. Don’t stop now!

We want you to keep doing the things that brought you success…and let us handle your deal process. We respect your time and keep the steps simple for you; we limit conference calls and data collection to only what is necessary. We will weed out the “tire-kickers” and focus on the closers.

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The benefits of working with GHA

The Checklist

We provide you with a checklist of all the usual documents and financials that need to be gathered for us to do a valuation of your business and what buyers need to evaluate it.

Keep it confidential

We provide, expedite and collect a proper Confidentiality Agreement or NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from ALL parties interested in a potential purchase. This is tantamount for your protection. “Loose lips sink ships!”

Document security

We set up an online secure cloud-based data room for potential buyers to view materials. We keep the data secure and we know who is looking at documents.

Marketing support

We market the business! Good Hope Advisors has a database of over 10,000+ contractors (HVAC, plumbing, mechanical, pumping, electrical, Private Equity groups, etc.) that we will narrow down to create a ‘potential buyers list’ that fits your business.

FMV estimates

We evaluate your business and give you our estimation of an FMV (fair market value) for the business. These numbers usually fall into ranges…and we are not afraid to push for the high-end of that range. We can’t promise you’ll get the high-end (and you should stop taking calls from anyone promising). But we will do our best to get it for you! That we can promise.

Champion for your transaction

We work to protect you and your interests. Chances are the buyer on the other side of the table has experience in acquiring businesses…and they aren’t doing it to pay top dollar. It is a business transaction and they will use every advantage they can to get the lowest price on their purchase. We know the tricks of the trade to look for so you don’t get taken advantage of.

We stay cool

We are not emotional about the deal. The business is your baby and you’re going to be feeling a lot of things during this process–as you should. While a buyer wants your fantastic business, that won’t stop them from shooting holes into it and telling you about all the blemishes that make it worth less than you want. Let us take the slings and arrows, have the heated conversations, and rebut them with facts and numbers. This is what we do.

And more...

While there is a mountain of other reasons and more of the process that we could list, the best thing to do is get on the phone with us and let us share some of our experiences and war stories. If you are not convinced that we are the right partner to get your deal done perhaps we know some colleagues in the industry that are a better fit for you to partner with.

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