Past Deals

At Good Hope, Eric Seifert, our Founder/Managing Partner, has played a pivotal role in each deal listed below. Whether participating, facilitating, consulting, or managing independently, Eric’s expertise has been instrumental in the success of these endeavors, both since founding Good Hope and during his tenure as an independent contractor.

ARS + Air Experts


Sila + JSP

Apex + Academy

Reedy + CMS

TurnPoint + T.Webber

SEER + Coffman

Emcor + QMS | 2019

Robison + F&L

Service Logic + Cranney

Gold Medal + Water Works

Publicly Listed Mechanical + Privately Held Mechanical

Moore + McDonald

Dauenhauer + Maeser

Horizon + Gold Medal

Trivest + Dauenhauer

R&W + Bartol

Private Equity + Horizon

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